How we do it

To eliminate any potential problems associated with construction projects, LDC Gardens have developed a transparent method to aid the development process.

Our method is designed to be understandable and engaging through all stages of the construction process. This is summarised below and can be tailored to suit our client's requirements.

  • Our designer or the clients' consultant prepare an outline design plan.
  • We prepare an estimate clearly identifying cost items and quantities.
  • We meet the client and the designer to discuss the cost and design proposals.
  • The client approves the outline design and budget costs.
  • Working drawings are prepared by the designers and a final quotation is presented to the client. This is a guaranteed maximum cost. The client signs off the design and costings.
  • A simple form of contract is agreed and signed; for larger contracts we recommend the JCT or JCLI Form of Contract.
  • Before work commences a detailed programme is agreed setting out the commencement date, finish date and the period for key operations. This forms part of the contract.
  • We also supply risk assessments and method statements and on larger projects a Health and Safety Plan.
  • Work commences and is monitored in accordance with LDC Gardens Quality Assurance System.
  • Regular progress meetings are agreed with the client and designer.
  • If the client requires a variation during the construction period a cost is agreed and confirmed in writing.
  • On completion of the works the client or client's consultant signs off our inspection and approval notice.
  • We undertake to finalise any snags within two weeks of the completion date.
  • We provide a 6-month guarantee to cover materials and workmanship.
  • Maintenance manuals are provided for water features, irrigation systems etc.
  • We can offer an aftercare / maintenance service if required.

Payments can be tailored to suit our clients requirements. Our standard proposal is 35% deposit prior to work commencing and then stage payments on a 14 day or monthly interval depending on the size of the contract. The final account to be agreed and paid within 30 days from the practical completion date.