Over the last 25 years LDC Gardens has successfully completed a broad range of garden commissions varying in value from £5,000 to £5,000,000.

The gardens displayed in our portfolio have been chosen to demonstrate the range of work and skills LDC Gardens can offer; from historic and traditional to modern contemporary; from small urban garden to grand country mansion; from traditional craftsmanship to innovative lighting technology.

These gardens reflect LDC Gardens ambition and zest to implement the most challenging projects. With each commission we endeavour to improve our understanding of 'garden art' and achieve the highest standards in garden design and build.

The photographs have been chosen to illustrate the development of the projects. They include the building process as well as the final realisation of the project.

The projects vary in management style. Some are awarded through an independent designer/architect who manages the project on behalf of the client, in which case our role is that of the traditional contractor.

On larger projects we often work directly with the client, or their representative. In this role we work as designer / architect and project manage from conception to completion.

Our aim always is to offer a flexible service that can be tailored to the client's exact requirements.

LDC Gardens can provide expert advice on construction detailing. Many of our gardens are developed from the architects / designers concept design. We work closely with the architect / designer to achieve the required setting out, detailing or build quality.

LDC Gardens is also gaining a reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative garden products. This is an exciting area of our work and ranges from bespoke sun shades to lighting systems using fibre optics or resin bound coloured glass. Further information is available on request.

Group Companies

LDC group companies include LDC Landscape our Landscape Construction division and Studio Loci our Landscape Architects practicing Urban and Rural Landscape Design, Landscape Master Planning, Environmental Planning, Sustainability design/studies for energy, water and ecology in the built environment.