A modern contemporary garden with a very structured layout inspired by Piet Mondrian and De Stijl. The garden provides a series of outdoor rooms, skilfully dividing passive areas from activity areas.

The three patio areas are positioned to take advantage of the sun’s movement providing a changing scene of sun and shade throughout the day.

The primary construction materials are hardwood timber, Indian sandstone, block and render. A series of deep water channels, formed with black fibreglass, links the various elements of the scheme. The water is circulated and filtered, with three outlet points at the extremities.

The structure of the garden, particularly the lower seating walls (white render) are sympathetic to the 1930s house and provide a transition from indoor to outdoor room. The planting scheme will be developed over a period of years. To provide the basic structure LDC Gardens have installed specimen shrubs/small trees. The client views the planting plan as a gradual process and a bed for experimentation.